How It Works

The Four Main Features of RecogniseMe

1. Know who is on site

By using the "I am Here" and "I am Leaving" function you can track the arrival and departure of your employees and contractors from sites or locations. This then allows you to:

  • Account for everyone on site in the case of an emergency
  • Send targeted messages that relate to particular sites or locations
  • Have a minimum of two distinct times when you KNOW messages can be read - during the "I am Here" and the "I am Leaving" processes
  • Account for peoples whereabouts historically

2. Push communication out to every one of your people

RecogniseMe allows the organisation and it's people to communciate with each other in a closed loop way about matters of risk, operational requirements and other governance matters.
This allows the organisation to:

  • Push messages out with differing priorities allowing users to receive and acknowledge the highest priority issues first
  • Push messages out to mobile devices, web browsers, email and sms
  • Categorise your messages as safety alerts, change in practice messages, safety awareness & training messages or general information messages
  • Indicate how frequently a message is to be seen, when it should be sent and when it should be acknowledged and marked as completed.
  • Keep track of the progress of the messages i.e. who has seen them, who has read them etc

3. Receive communication from your people

RecogniseMe makes it easier to know that messages that are being sent out are being received and understood by all staff; and in return that any questions, suggestions and comments about those messages can be simply and quickly sent back by all staff.
This allows the organisation to:

  • Keep a clear record that a person has read and understood a message
  • Be notified if someone does not understand a message - giving the organisation the opportunity to explain the message clearly so no misunderstanding can take place
  • Receive feedback regarding a message, giving them the opportunity to continuously improve their processes
  • Identify people that make a habit of ignoring governance related communication who as a result may be putting the company at risk
  • Keep track of the progress of a message ie who has seen it, understood it, given feedback, not understood etc

4. Make the organisation safer and more effective

RecogniseMe allows the people to raise incidents and suggestions at any time; but more importantly, reminds them to do it at the end of each day.
This allows the organisation to:

  • Quickly capture and act on incidents within seconds of them having been raised
  • Have staff raise concerns about safety, health, hazards etc without having to find someone to report it to, having to write lengthy explanations etc
  • Have staff raise suggestions about ways the company can improve, ranging from expenditure cutting, staff morale, processes etc
  • Reduce the likelihood of non-work related injuries being reported as workers compensation claims by tracking the reporting of incidents when staff are leaving each day. i.e. if a work related injury has occurred then it should be reported as an incident when they leave at the end of their work day.
  • Promote a culture of safety and continuous improvement.
    Every time staff sign out they are reminded to think about their work environment and report any hazards, risks, incidents, near misses etc

What Else Does RecogniseMe Do?

RecogniseMe allows you to:

  • Establish the communication method for corrective action and risk management processes across your organisation
  • Quickly and simply extract reports on who is on site, who has received and acknowledged important messages and what incidents have been reported
  • Monitor the level of engagement across your organisation
  • Enable anyone who visits your organisation to be actively engaged in matters of risk - without them ever having to have access to your own internal systems / intranet etc, including contractors, cleaners, visitors etc
  • Quickly and easily set up and modify your RecogniseMe account


What is said IS what is heard.
What is heard IS what is understood.
What is understood IS actually done.


In essence it supports the whole organisation by providing a great communications overlay around how it goes about its business

In Summary

RecogniseMe IS a dedicated governance communications system that:

  • Enables employees to record their entry and exit from a site, department or location within the work environment
  • Allows the organisation and its people to communicate with each other in a closed loop way about matters of risk, operatioinal requirements and other governance matters.
  • Makes it easier to know that critical messags about risk are being sent out by the company and then being received and understood by all staff; and in return that any questions, suggestions and comments about those messages can be simply and quickly sent back by all staff.
  • Makes it really simple and quick for all staff to report incidents that occur during the workday, making the workplace safer, more efficient and compliant with regulatory and standards requirements.

RecogniseMe DOES NOT:

  • Replace the requirement for good policies and procedures, or for managers and leaders to manage and lead, or for all people in the organisation to communicate with each other in the traditional manner.

RecogniseMe just makes it easier, quicker and more reliable to get the organisation and all of its people to know what needs to be known, acknowledge the need and get it done so the workplace is safer, more effective and engaged for success.