Let's Put It In Perspective

At ifidelis we believe that great ideas are only any good if they are available, effective, simple to use and manage and are so affordable that the power they deliver is all benefit and very little cost.

RecogniseMe costs the average user-organisation around the same as a couple of cups of coffees per person.

For the cost of 2 coffees

When you consider the significant potential improvements in morale, engagement, performance, trust, safety and significant potential reductions in risk, costs, wastage and regrettable staff loss your organisation can achieve versus the modest cost per person per year, the value for money delivered by RecogniseMe is clear.

Some other things that might be costing your organisation about the same or more than RecogniseMe per person per year:

What Costs More

"At its simplest, value for money is the differential between the total benefit derived from a good or a service against its total cost, when assessed over the period the goods or services are to be utilised."

- New South Wales Government Office of Finance and Services

Pricing Packages

Big or Small, We've Got You Covered

* Number of Users

Users include staff, contractors and consultants.
Visitors are free to register, however their logins expire every 24 hours.

** Cost Per User Per Month

All packages & SMS costs include applicable statutory costs
For small organisations with less than 10 users, we simply charge a flat rate of $20 per month, irrespective of whether they have 1 or 10 users.

*** Cost Per SMS:
  1. Price is per Short Message Service (SMS) sent including all applicable statutory costs.
  2. Each SMS recipient is considered to be an SMS sent i.e. 5 recipients = 5 SMSs sent.
  3. Whilst visitors are free to register, any SMSs sent to them are charged at the normal SMS rate.
  4. The RecogniseMe SMS service is set up for your organisation by default at the time of Sign Up.
  5. The SMS service is used in the following circumstances:
    1. Used to notify relevant risk managers of reported incidents via Report an Incident messages so action can be taken as quickly as possible - MANDATORY
    2. Used to push out high priority alerts in AlertMe messages to users providing notification as quickly as possible - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
    3. Used to push out non high priority alerts via AlertMe messages to users - OPTIONAL
  6. It is up to your organisation to control the user of SMS. iFidelis is not responsible for the SMS usage in your organisation.

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