Our Top Features

Alert Notification

The most obvious way of improving safety within the organisation is to ensure alerts are distributed in a timely and effective manner.
Are you tired of issuing company directives and hoping the message will be passed onto your staff via toolbox meetings, staff meetings or notice boards?
With RecogniseMe you now have:

  • The ability to issue alerts, general communication, reminders, knowledge snippet transfers (ie a training reminder) in a consistent, professional manner.
  • The ability to schedule, prioritise and control how often and how the communication is seen:
  1. 3 levels of priority - high, normal or low
  2. 3 ways to access communication - via email, sms or at time of sign in
  3. 3 ways to control how often the communication is shown - every time they sign in, once until acknowledged or until end date has been reached
  4. Easy to schedule dates of when to start and stop showing the communication